Alela Diane ‘To Be Still’ The Goodness……

l_aec2ac09881a492d996b212b171a4e111**** THE GUARDIAN
**** UNCUT
**** MOJO
***** METRO

‘ You would truly be hard pressed to find a more delicate, unassuming, original, and comforting voice active in folk music today’- Other Music NYC

‘ Alela’s ‘pirates gospel’ was our album of the year for 2007, and it seems that she has surpassed even that with this amazing album’ – Rough Trade Shops

‘ This is a timeless-sounding record and whether you’re a fan or a stranger drawn in by the hype, this is certainly worth a purchase’ – Music Magazine

‘ It’s her purposeful knack of combining melody with her own effortless ability to cultivate a delicious vocal harmony which makes To Be Still so remarkable’-Fact Magazine (8/10)

‘ Alela Diane is a name that should, and no doubt will, be perched high on top of the pack for a long time to come’-Clash Magazine (8/10)

‘ This release is stellar stuff’ -Music Week

‘ Honestly I could probably gush about every song on this album, but for the sake of brevity I’ll just say that it is pretty much all fantastic’- Culture Bully

‘There’s a lot of female singer/songwriters about at the moment, but Alela Diane stands head and shoulders above them all’ – Music OHM

‘She’s a musically literate Scout Niblett, a fledgling Nina Nastasia, a lone rival to Anni Rossi for release of the month. She’s really rather good’ – Subba Cultcha

‘ Alela Diane’s ‘To Be Still’ is a lyrical masterpiece, a body of work that is as restless as the sea’- Pamplemoose


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